Bye-Bye Opinion. 

Smart Employee & Project Productivity Analysis

We are a leading provider of big data and AI for companies to know where they are standing at all times.

We will aglomerate all company data to tell you where your employees and projects stand. 

Streamline your employee and project workflow. 

We monitor & analyze your data for you.

Bringing you only what matters;

Data-Backed Management Tools


How we can help your company?

Our Smart Management System allows managers to understand what is going on without interfering in the private lives of its employees and all this whilst not missing the important data. We are able to give you the power to decide how to judge productivity and let the system do all the heavy lifting so you don't have to. 

Who is Team Audit for?

Managers who have to manage rather than intrude

Meet the Team Audit Platform 

Manage whole departments at a glance and completely hassle free

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