What makes us different to other Employee Monitoring tools?

Team audit pride itself in being the easiest of breed. This ethical AI driven solution is the most comprehensive and simplest tool on the market, because we aim to attract managers who don't need to be engineers, don't believe us? Please feel free to sign up for a demo.

Is team audit meant only for huge organizations?

Team Audit has been designed like building blocks. Each piece is strong. We have customers with several endpoints and customers with several thousand.

What platforms are team audit compatible with?

Team Audit functions with Apple OS and Windows OS and Server. If it needs to be monitored we will.

How does Team Audit work?

Team Audit records user activity on their work computers. All this data is then used to understand Employee Productivity for optimisation purposes.

How can i request a demo?

You can schedule a demo here.

Can it help my organisation be more productive?

Productivity optimisation is the heart and soul of system. Our Productivity Formulae uses the latest AI technology to assess efficiency by measuring a huge amount of data such as Idle time, keystrokes, OCR, word analytics, Applications and webpage analysis and much more. Please feel free to book a demo to see more.

Can Team Audit monitor computer health?

Of course, we collect computer metrics to let you know when it will be cheaper to switch out old computers.

How can i find out more about employee monitoring?

Feel free to have a read through our blog

What About user Privacy?

We have kept user Privacy in mind since the day we wrote the first line of Team Audit code. We can differentiate between Profesional and time off automatically without having to disclose private and sensitive information.

Who is Team Audit used by?

Team Audit is used by managers and Directors in order to streamline the productivity of their employees.

How is the Data physically collected?

We install an agent on each computer and servers, this agent is so slim that computers don’t feel them, and they won’t affect the computers performance.

Do my employees know?

Our Agent can be hidden or revealed. When they are revealed the user can turn on the agent when he begins work and vice versa. The choice is yours.

Should my Employees know?

This all depends on the kind of organisation and use case, we would be happy to discuss the pros and cons with you, please contact us

Does the data have to be sent back to Team Audits servers?

Not at all! Team Audit can be deployed on a cloud solution of your choice or on Premise on your existing servers or on new servers. It’s completely up to you.

Can Team Audit support Mac OS too?

The Team Audit Agent supports Microsoft OS and Server, Mac OS and more. Please contact us to get more Information.

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