Smart Employee Monitoring Software

Team Audit automatically classifies everything to save you time with the at a glance interface. It also leaves out material that was not looked at by the user with our “Current activity text mining” tool.

Privacy Protection

Monitor employees without divulging private data by automatically classifying everything. This includes the likes of Instant Messaging, Social Media Usage, Web Usage, Printing Monitoring, Email Monitoring and much more.

User Security Monitoring

Ensure that everyone is compliant with Organisational Security Policy. Set up behavioural rules to stop employee misconduct; looking at illicit sites, printer abuse, use hate speech, cyber bullying...

Behavioural Analytics

Understand employee activity and productivity without having to delve into private data. Team Audit will automatically classify everything: down time, E-mail network monitoring, social interactions…

Configurable Productivity Algorithm

We’ve devised a tool that allows you to decide how to calculate productivity depending your needs. Including the most advanced monitoring tools available; such as mouse and keyboard mining, current activity text mining and much more…



Monitor irregularities from inside or outside your organisation: botnet, users using gambling websites or installing tor.exe, the use cases are endless. We can then automatically notify employee or employer.

Hardware Monetisation

When does it become cheaper to switch old for new computers? When does crashing and idle time of slow computers cost you more than employees time? Why not let Team Audit to figure it out for you?

Tracking Projects

Billing made easy. We can track sessions to understand how long your employee has worked on any given project or research task. This relies on keywords tracking and user productivity during that time.

Artificial Intelligence

With the latest Artificial Intelligence engines, you can automatically, and unintrusively find out if employees are using Hate Speech, Cyber Bullying, sharing passwords or any configurable rule.

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